Mundial na Nazaré Cancelado

15-07-2009 17:03

Aqui fica o comunicado revelado no site da IBA:

"The 4Lines Sport´s Concepts SA, the City hall of Nazaré and Nazaré Qualifica, E.M., want to communicate to the entire world bodyboard community, the cancellation of the Nazaré World Master, that would take place in Praia do Norte - Nazaré, during November 2009.

This postponement is due to financial reasons mainly, that affect directly, the realization of this event , that would promote our sport in an international level, regarding TV, video, general press and online media.

We believe that Praia Norte of Nazaré will be, in a short-term period, one of the best stages of the IBA World Tour. From our side we will do everything to change mentalities in Portugal in order to offer the best conditions to the all IBA riders.

Is our wish to innovate in terms of communication and promotion of our sport at a global level. For us, that is the only way that makes sense to start this event. A big hug to everyone and good luck and waves during the 2009 Tour.

- The Nazaré World Master´s organizers"

Tal como a Vert já deixou em aberto a Bodyboard Zone volta deixar aqui: Será que com a ausência de um Mundial teremos um Special Edition 2009?


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